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Dog Walker at the Park

"Takes the stress out of leaving town when I know my pets are in such great hands! I know they have fun because they are always so excited when we get there." - Beth

“Terri is kind and loving with the animals in her care. She also helped me with some behavioral issues I was having with my puppy. I felt very comfortable leaving my baby girl with her.” - Anita N.


“Maggie is a dog that is used to wandering around at her own pace and loves people. It is great to have a place that Maggie can stay at where she will get the one on one attention she deserves.”    - Jen 

“Nothing makes a trip better than knowing your pet is happy, safe and being well cared for. Leaving my dog with Salem Bed and Biscuit gives me the peace of mind. I would recommend Salem Bed & Biscuit to anyone.”    - Allan


Our puppy is like a member of the family. When we go on vacation or just away for the weekend, we wouldn't dream of leaving him in a kennel. It gives us great peace of mind to know that he is in good hands with Terri. At Salem Bed & Biscuit, he has all the comforts of home, doggy friends to play with, and lots of love from Terri! I highly recommend leaving your four-legged friends at Salem Bed & Biscuit."    - David

"We loved having our pack of 3 dogs stay “ with Terri while we were on vacation. She was so supportive and the dogs felt right at home with her. They were content when we returned so I know they were well cared for. !” - Highly recommend Salem Bed & Biscuit"  - Tami 

"Over the years, Terri’s Bed and Biscuit has provided a safe and loving home away from home for my furry friend Gomer. What Gomer can’t say with words is clearly expressed by how happy he is to see Terri whenever he stays with her. A wagging tail upon arrival and happy unstressed departure tells me that my dog was well cared for. Terri is in tune with Gomer’s need for a stress free environment as well as my personal need for a place that I can trust for the care of my pet  companion. Knowing that Gomer is well cared for and happy, allows me to enjoy my vacation with peace of mind. “ - Ami & Ellen

“I wanted to tell you how very pleased we were with how well our Sheltie, Asher, did at your place on his first stay. We had never left him in a kennel or boarding place before.  Family members were always the dog sitters for Asher, but since we moved to Salem they didn’t live close enough to help. We had checked a few boarding places but were really nervous about leaving one of our fur kids in those places. We were very impressed that you wanted to meet us and Asher before deciding to take care of him. It was great how you allowed Asher to met and interact your 2 dogs, Toovie and Ari. Asher quickly learned who was in charge and then ran off to play. The whole 10 days that we were gone we weren’t concerned how Asher was doing, because I saw the care that you gave your own dogs and knew he would be well taken care of.  It was nice to get a good report when we picked him up that everything went well. The one thing that did surprise us was that Asher had not gained any weight!  I had expected that he would because I had forgotten to reduce the amount of food that he was to get. But he received plenty of exercise running and playing in your back yard each day just as if he had been at home. Plus you were careful not to give him more cookies than what we had written in our instructions. We were equally pleased with the second time Asher stayed at your place. It is so great to have a safe place to leave Asher when we need to go out of town in the future and hope you are in business for a long time. Thank you also to Toovie and Ari for being wonderful hosts and keeping Asher well entertained. Thank you for providing a great service and I just love your name Salem Bed & Biscuit!!     - Tom & Charlotte 

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